The COVID-19 Crisis Will Accelerate Enterprise Automation Plans

February 21, 2019

The COVID-19 Crisis Will Accelerate Enterprise Automation Plans

According to the newly released report by Leslie Joseph with Glen O’Donnell, Ashutosh Sharma, J P. Gownder, Sukriti Dangi and Bill Nagel of Forrester.

The COVID-19 health crisis is on everybody’s mind. Once it passes — which it eventually will — one of its lasting legacies will be a renewed focus on automation. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals should read this report for perspectives on how companies see automation as increasingly urgent in the context of risk mitigation and strategic investment.

Key Takeaways

Recovery From COVID-19 Will Follow Previous Trends

Firms recovering from recent recessions have increased their investments in automation. This has led to jobless recoveries, particularly in cognitive job functions in industries that lend themselves to automation.

Automation Insulates And Lowers The Risks Of Work

The recovery will come. And when it does, the adoption of automation will take on a new urgency in the context of enterprise risk and resilience. Leaders will rethink old ways of tying work to specific locations or types of labor, whether that’s human or digital.

Approach Automation With Empathy

Humans remain a vital piece of the automation puzzle. Build empathy and trust into your automation roadmap.

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