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Interested in Leading Digital Finance Transformation?

Digital Finance Transformation (DFT) offer a unique opportunity for Finance and Accounting Professionals to add value in previously unimaginable ways.

As developments in automation technologies enable computer systems to perform manual tasks faster, cheaper, and more accurately,

Accounting and Finance professionals will shortly be expected to not only understand these technologies but will be required to contribute to or lead its implementation.

Valuesoft is therefore offering an opportunity for your organization to kickstart your Digital Finance Transformation (DFT) journey.

Interested in Leading Digital Finance Transformation?
Attend our program.

Program Phases

The program consists of a Three-Day (Virtual and On-Site options) Virtual workshop followed by series of follow-on activities.

1.0 Immersion Workshop

During this Five -Day (Virtual / Limited On-Site options) Workshop you will gain a working knowledge of Automation and Machine Learning in Finance and Accounting.
Learning objectives:
* Learn process design and documentation.
* Learn how to identify and evaluate the most logical processes for automation.
* Build your first Robot.
* Learn how to address automation governance
* Learn how to address organizational readiness and change management

2.0 Automation Opportunity Qualification

Post workshop identification of processes for automation opportunities within function or department into an Automation Ideation Hub.

3.0 Business Justification and Prioritization

Prepare business case and engage leadership to review and select projects for implementation from Automation Ideation Hub.

4.0 Solution Implementation

Develop implementation plan and execute.

* Valuesoft is able to support your implementation effort with the placement of trained Robotics Process Automation interns with your organization.

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Download Brochure

Workshop Registration

The workshop is offered virtually and in select locations monthly

Program Registration

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