How To Accelerate Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Your Organization

April 12, 2022

Now that organizations have tasted some artificial intelligence success, IT teams face pressure to scale AI projects faster. Experts share tips on how to speed up AI adoption and results across the enterprise.

We asked AI experts for tips on actions IT leaders can take to accelerate AI use and maturity in their organizations.

1. Begin With The Best Use Cases

“Often, leaders do not know where to begin or bite off more than they can chew,” says Peter A. High, author of Getting to Nimble: How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader and president of the technology and business advisory firm Metis Strategy.“AI and machine learning efforts are best directed at specific use cases, and it may require engaging a broader ecosystem to bring it to life, especially if you have a paucity of AI and ML talent.” Finding great use cases, partnering with business leaders to bring them to life, and engaging with a broader ecosystem for insight, talent, and technology helps, High says.

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