Edge Computing: Five Examples Of How Enterprises Are Using It Now

April 12, 2022

Where and how are enterprises using edge computing? Experts share common examples of the problems edge solves - from predicting equipment failure to improving remote work.

We asked several edge computing experts where they see enterprises investing their edge dollars right now. Below are five ways experts believe Edge Computing is useful to Enterprises.

1. Predictive maintenance: Use cases around predictive maintenance have gained steam, says Joshi. Edge solutions are particularly popular in sectors where high-value assets can cost organizations massive losses when they go down. In the global oil and gas industry, the digitization of its pipeline coupled with edge data and analytics expertise can enable organizations to proactively manage their pipelines, addressing defects and preventing failures.

2. Remote workforce support.

3. Retail/commerce optimization.

4. Federated Learning

5. Healthcare Innovation

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