Digital Transformation: Three Post-Pandemic Best Practise

April 12, 2022

While enterprise executives have been thinking about digital transformation for years, the past 12 months have seen massive acceleration. There is now broad consensus that digital innovation is necessary for survival.

But success is far from guaranteed. Past data shows that a majority of companies struggle to make these initiatives a success: A 2019 Everest Group survey reports that 78 percent of enterprises failed to meet the business objectives of their digital transformation.

Some of the most common challenges include a lack of buy-in throughout the organization, poor communication, and a flawed long-term roadmap for innovation. More recently, enterprises have been plagued by flawed strategies such as pilot projects, limited rollouts, and other barriers to growth.

Time for a reality check. Let’s look at some best practices that can help your organization maximize the potential of your digital transformation.

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