“Automation is no longer optional”, And The Other Digital Transformation Truths That The Pandemic Rewrote

April 12, 2022

The pandemic changed widely accepted beliefs about how to achieve digital transformation goals. Consider how these new truths affect everything from customer expectations to the makeup of teams.

Considering the following post-pandemic rules for digital transformation and the IT and business leaders and teams doing the work.

1. TRUTH: A digital front end is no longer enough

Pre-pandemic, many companies had a digital roadmap that signaled an intention to become digital. When in-person customer options were suddenly eliminated from the menu for companies, it quickly became clear how few companies had made the investment to enable a fully digital architecture and operating model.

“The pandemic exposed firms who didn’t have a truly connected consumer experience. This was acutely felt in the retail, financial services, and telco industries where in-person experiences were far more common than digital,” says Colm Sparks-Austin, president and managing director at Capgemini Canada.“Regardless of industry, a digital front-end can no longer mask the lack of back-end investments on core systems,” Sparks-Austin says. “The biggest impact of Covid-19 was the speed and certainty at which companies must achieve a true digital presence with their consumers.”

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