Artificial Intelligence (AI) At The Edge: Three Key Facts

April 12, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving from the realm of science fiction to widespread enterprise scalability. Even ten years ago, AI workloads were almost exclusively utilized by a small number of very profitable companies that had the resources to experiment and hire an extensive team of data scientists. Today, AI is used in a number of everyday tools, from language recognition to health care prediction and nearly every industry in between.AI is also now deployed at the edge, not just inside massive data processing facilities. That trend will continue in the coming years. Here are three things that executives in any field should know to capitalize on the change.


Open source is fueling the rise of AI as developers learn from the larger community to make software elements more accessible for a number of use cases. The open source community operates as a school of fish, pivoting quickly en masse in response to the environment. For example, TensorFlow became a hit within a month before the majority of developers converted to the library for deployment solutions. That fast a timeline was unheard of before.Open source is helping rapidly evolve industries by creating new abilities to scale, in part because companies no longer need a large team of data scientists for every sector. Not too long ago, there was a concern that the scarcity of data scientists would stall the growth of AI. But we now see software developers with all kinds of different backgrounds turning to open source AI tools for a variety of business innovations.

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