Training Courses

Valuesoft offers the following training classes

Self Paced eLearning : Data Protection in an Automated World
As many organizations begin to move mission critical transaction processing applications online, safeguarding the privacy and integrity of organizational data has become top of mind not just for the CIO organization, but for the entire C Suite.

Valuesoft is offering an eLearning session on Data Protection Essentials.

This self paced eLearning training program designed to provide employees with data protection awareness training.

Benefits of this solution include:
Portability : Taken anywhere
Flexibility : Taken anytime
Verifiable Learning Objectives: Learning Tracking capabilities
Cost Effective : It is less expensive than other alternatives
Highly scalable : Easily train employees in dispersed locations
Efficient : Reduced employee time away from work to attend training

CPE : 1.5 Hours of Continuing Professional Education Eligible

Group Pricing
  • 1 to 9 Employees : $50 each
  • 10 to 24 Employees : $35 each
  • 25 to 100 Employees : $25 each
  • Over 100 Employees : Email Us
Virtual Instructor Led : Data Protection Officer Immersion and Competency Training
This all-encompassing Data Protection training designed to equip Data Protection Officers to meet their Data Protection responsibilities under their relevant regulatory frameworks.

By attending this training, participants will gain the competencies to:

Complete a Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

Manage Data Subject Access Requests(DSARs)

Manage Data breach monitoring, management and reporting

Participants from this training will also gain access to our network of Data Protection experts for consultation

Who should Attend?
Staff who have been appointed as a DPO , individuals who would like to become a DPO, Partners and Managers of Audit Firms interested in offering Data Protection Services.

CPE : 6 Hours of Continuing Professional Education Eligible

$250 Per Attendee
Virtual and Onsite : Automation and Machine Learning in Finance and Accounting
As developments in automation technologies enable computer systems to perform manual tasks faster, cheaper, and more accurately, Accounting and Finance will be significantly impacted by this trend.

Accounting and Finance professionals will shortly be expected to not only understand these technologies but will be required to contribute or lead its implementation.

This program is designed to provide Accounting and Finance professionals with the capabilities to lead , develop and deploy Robotics and Machine Learning within their organizations.

Program is delivered virtually from Wednesday to Friday

Virtual Delivery : Zoom and select On-Site Locations

What we will cover?
Day  OnePresentation : Digital Finance Transformation (DFT) Introduction
Set Up : Task Capture Process Design Software installation
Set Up : UiPath Robotics Automation Software Installation
Lab Session One : Overall Process Design Diagram Exercise
Lab Session Two : Automation Sub Process Design Diagram Exercise

Day Two
Presentation : RPA Deep Dive (Attended Vs Unattended Robots)

Lab Session Three : Cloud Orchestrator Set Up and Credential Assets Update

Lab Session Four : Desktop Robot Set Up and Connection to Orchestrator

Lab Session Five : Deploy your First Robot with Browser Automation.

Day Three

Presentation : Data Security and Controls

Lab Session Six : Enhance your Robot with Email Automation

Presentation : Automation Best Practices

CPE : 15 Hours of Continuing Professional Education Eligible

 $300 Per Attendee